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“Crossing borders with one pedal at a time”.

Cycle Across Borders Europe  ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die Fahrradprojekte, wie Fahrtraining und Reparatur-Workshops initiiert, um Menschen nach dem Prinzip Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe zu fördern. Die Organisation richtet sich dabei an Männer, Frauen und Kinder jeglicher Herkunft

Unser n  ä  chstes Projekt Für 2018 planen wir, das im letzten Jahr begonnene Projekt in Pirot (Serbien) weiterzuführen. Dort werden Schulungen und Reparatur-Stationen organisiert, für und mit den dort lebenden Flüchtlingen sowie den Menschen der Gemeinde.

Zurzeit suchen wir Spenden zur Unterstützung unseres diesjährigen Projektes in Pirot im Südwesten Serbiens.
Mit Ihren Spenden helfen Sie uns die benötigten Materialien bereitzustellen, wie z.

B.: Fahrräder Ersatzteile Werkzeuge

Cycle Across Borders Europe and Bridges Across Borders will collaborate to create a project with Refugee Foundation Serbia during the summer May 2018. RFS has been working with refugees in Serbia since 2016. BAB has been coordinating and running projects in the Balkans since 2011. They run projects challenging ethnic and religious divisions, mainly focused in working with youth and communities. BAB is the overall coordinator of this project but all groups work in partnership in developing and running the program. Refugees and local inhabitants also partake in this process.

The objective for this project for Cycle Across Borders Europe is to continue the work and support for the refugee community and the community of Pirot ,Serbia with bicycle repair workshops and safe cycling education.

For our program outline, Cycle Across Borders Europe will be offering three weeks of service in the refugee camp of Pirot, Serbia collecting bicycles and equipment for the camp bike share, along with the continuation of bicycle education for new and old families in the camp. In addition offering bike workshops focused on training and repairing bicycles for the local community, free of charge.

Alongside organizing and providing free bike check stations in the city is to have interaction and dialog between the people of Pirot and the refugees in the community which first took place in 2017. We all believe to avoid future conflicts between these two communities’ projects such as this are critical.

The aim of this is to create TOT (training of teachers) programs which are also local community sustainable after the international volunteers have left. We also donate tools and spare parts.

Possibilities that can be also added during this three week project in southeast, Serbia is Cycle Across Borders Europe working with the schools in the community offering bicycle education and training for students in Pirot. These workshops would also include the students from the refugee community who are now attending schools in Serbia.

In addition in may also be possible to offer sponsored community picnics with bicycle workshops being offered and a community football game for the people of Pirot.


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