New Updates and Information

Cycle Across Borders Europe has a lot of exciting and new information for the next upcoming months with actions and projects taking place.

In the last weeks, Cycle Across Borders Europe has made a lot of new connections to organizations and businesses and is happy to announce that we will be working with Refugees Foundation Serbia.

Refugees Foundation Serbia

Refugees Foundation Serbia focuses on providing education opportunities for young refugees in Serbia. They started their work in September 2016 and are involved in two projects in Serbia.

RFS is supporting kids who have enrolled in formal education in Belgrade. Their volunteers are escorting kids from camps to schools and back, and giving classes there. They teach Serbian, English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Biology etc. Furthermore, the volunteers in Belgrade are borrowing space in the center of Belgrade to teach classes two times per week in order to
help with homework. This becomes especially important during the school break time!

RFS also just started to work in the camp in Pirot (South-East of Serbia), where currently 200 refugees live. 140 are from Afghanistan, 20 from Syria and the rest from Iraq and African countries. This camp acts as a reception center, with around 100 kids, most of them are girls. The camp has been running since December and until RFS arrived, there was no one working with children. Refugee Foundation Serbia provides child-friendly spaces and informal educational activities five days per week. They teach English, Serbian, Mathematics, Geography, do creative workshops, art workshops, play games with the children, draw cartoons, play sports and more. They teach English and Serbian classes as well. RFS will also be organizing events soon that will involve local kids meeting refugee children.

Along with our new friends, several businesses in the community have been pledging different forms of support to help make this project happen in the Fall of 2017. These include:

Mildner's Heidelberg

Fahrrad Werkstatt Edingen


We are currently working on the designs for this year's jersey that we will be wearing throughout our tour in September to show our supporters some love. We will be selling jerseys with all proceeds going to projects that we are supporting throughout the Balkans.

Cycle Across Borders Europe would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support already pledged. We are excited for the future and looking forward to working with many of our new friends and partners.