1 Month to GO!

In September we will cycle (1700km) from Mannheim in Germany to Pirot, in Serbia.

There is a camp there for 200 refugees, over half of which are kids.

Our partner group Bridges Across Borders has been organizing with Serbian refugee foundation, who intend on buying bicycles for the kids there. 

When our volunteers arrive they will stay there for around one week. They will teach the kids how to maintain the bikes, run other workshops such as art or sports. If it is approved they will also cook for the entire camp, as one of our volunteers is a chef.

In addition to this BAB is also organizing to send international street artists to Bosnia Herzegovina, to the divided city of Mostar to paint some walls in the city, also with kids from an orphanage. The idea is as well as teaching kids to paint and have some fun but to also redecorate parts of the city still damaged from the war. BAB will work together with a local initiative that holds an international street art festival every year.

In addition our next project is to help support a kindergarten in Gornji Vakuf Uskoplje. It is a divided town but the kindergarten is not. They are bringing kids together regardless of religion or ethnic identity. We wish to support them buy buying materials they need such as sports equipment and to build a garden area for the children.

We need donations for all our projects and if you can help in anyway it goes a long way. As you can see we do not  believe in just helping, but also networking and especially working with local organizations to address needs from local perspectives. It is also about people coming together to create, build, have fun, interact and work together in solidarity.

Recently, Cycle Across Borders Europe were interviewed by Monnem Bike on the project that is taking place in September. We would like to thank Monnem Bike for helping us get our message out there and that we are happy to be working together for this cause.