Official Route

Cycle Across Borders Europe

Offical Route

Mannheim, Germany to Pirot, Serbia


Start Date: September 1st, 2017 Germany

Day 1. Mannheim to Rothenburg (165km)

Day 2. Rothenburg to Hemau 150k (Regensburg) (170m)

Day 3. Hemau- Regensburg to Passau (140 165km)

Day 4.Passau to Linz 84 km Ybbs an die Donau (165km)

Day 5. Ybbs an die Donau, Wien (140km)

Day 6. Bratislava to Nyergesujfalu Flat (150km)

Day 7. Nyergesujfalu to Budapest (90 km)

Day 8. Budapest Ordas (110 km)

Day 9. Top of hill to Novi Sad (150Km)

Day 10. Novi Sad to Belgrad (100 km)

Day 11. Belgrad to Kaprjebau (150km)

Day 12. Jagodina -Pirot (200 km)