In September we will cycle (1700km) from Mannheim in Germany to Pirot, in Serbia and we are looking for support in any way possible and every little bit helps.

There is a camp there for 200 refugees, over half of which are kids.

Our partner group Bridges Across Borders has been organizing with Serbian refugee foundation, who intend on buying bicycles for the kids there. 

When our volunteers arrive they will stay there for around one week. They will teach the kids how to maintain the bikes, run other workshops such as art or sports. If it is approved they will also cook for the entire camp, as one of our volunteers is a chef.

With this ride we would like to help raise money for projects that are involved with peace and conflict resolution for the town of Gornji Vakuf Uskoplje,  other areas Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia. All funds collected for this ride will go directly to the town and projects taking place.


For many, the war in Bosnia is a distant memory. Yet, this town still bares many scars from the terrible conflict; with war damaged buildings and an ever present danger from mines, cluster bombs and Uxo's.
There are around 6000 inhabitants, mainly from two ethnic groups - Croatian and Bosniac.
They are separated by a dividing road and there is still tension between some members of these groups. The education system is divided by ethnicity which can only continue this separation for future generations.


The youth center was started at the end of the war and it focuses its work on conflict resolution and peace building with children and teenagers through a variety of projects. Omladinski hosts international volunteers from Bridges across Borders (small NGO). These volunteers have run a wide selection of programs which have included theater, short movie making, sports, art, group holidays, IT training and environmental projects. The children and volunteers even built a park together. Each program runs with multi ethnic participation as a central theme.
 A number of people from around the world, as well as families and businesses from Gornji Vakuf Uskoplje played a big part in helping these projects.

Cycle Across Borders Europe will be working together with Bridges Across Borders Bosnia to see this project through with the goal of stronger awareness of peace and conflict resolution for the generations to come.